President meets northern Shan State officials

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10 July, 2018

President U Win Myint met with administrative, legislative and judicial officials in northern Shan State yesterday, sharing a message of unity and cooperation, which he said were essential in forming a democratic federal union.

The President, accompanied by Union Ministers Lt-Gen Kyaw Swe, Dr. Aung Thu and U Thein Swe, Shan State Chief Minister Dr. Linn Htut, and other officials, arrived at Lashio Airport in northern Shan State, where they were met by North East Command Commander Maj-Gen Aung Zaw Aye, state minister U Nyi Nyi Aung, and other officials. In Lashio, the President and his entourage were also welcomed by traditional dance troupes.

The President then attended a meeting with officials from the state government, the state high court, members of the Self-Administered Division and Zone, the state Hluttaw and state/district/township department officials at the Lashio town hall.

President U Win Myint said the visit to northern Shan State was conducted with the aim to understand and observe the strengths and weaknesses of the reform processes being conducted for the national benefit. Policies were laid down for reform, with officials from relevant departments expected to carry them out. Only then can the socio-economic situation of the country develop. The administrative sector should be people-centred and oriented towards public interest, he said.
For instance, civil society organizations and local elders need to cooperate and work together in conducting anti-narcotic work, the President said. Arrangements are being made to provide cash rewards to informants who provide information that result in drug arrests. The rewards will vary depending on the total value of the buildings, vehicles and materials seized. Anti-narcotic work is to be conducted as a national duty, and will be more successful if all the people cooperate and participate, the President said. Information and reports on narcotics can be made to state/region governments and departments of the Ministry of Home Affairs. For special occurrences and high-profile cases, information and reports can be made to the Office of the President and the Anti-Narcotics Task Force.

The President also said that policies laid down by the State should be followed in handling the matter of seized land and farms. Assessments should be made quickly in order to release and return the seized land and farms to their original owners. Legal work should be done expeditiously so that the released land and farms can be utilized by the original owners as quickly as possible.

Anti-corruption work is being conducted effectively according to the Anti-Corruption Commission Law. Anti-corruption commission offices are being formed at the state/region level, and all should cooperate in eradicating corruption, the President said.
“Action according to law will be taken against corruption at all levels, be it high or low”, the President said. “We are striving towards a corruption-free society”.

In the judicial sector, the country is striving toward unbiased trials, the President said.
“Responsibility should be taken at every level of states and regions”, he said. “Trials are to be conducted according to Union Judiciary Law and enacted laws on judiciary. Everyone is equal in the face of the law”.

The President pointed out that public servants are enjoying salary, wages and other benefits according to the state budget.

“Enjoy the rights and perform the duties and responsibilities accordingly”, he said. “Public servants are being paid from public funds, and they are to conduct public work according to the law and to the full extent of duties assigned to serve the public”.

Reviews are to be conducted with a mindset toward reform, the President said.
“Development work for the country can only be conducted when reform is made”, the President said. “All need to work diligently and fully for the country and the people. The beauty of public service is in serving the public”.

Next, State Chief Minister Dr. Linn Htut reported on the regional development work being conducted by the Shan State government.

In conclusion, President U Win Myint said that the aim is to march towards the establishment of a democratic federal union. Work is being implemented for the proportionate development of all states and regions. Solutions are made through political dialogues based on the Panglong spirit to fulfill the desire of the ethnic nationals. Special emphasis is placed to move towards a stable, peaceful and eternal existence of the union. All have the responsibility to be fair. Implementing fairness strengthens the society and supports the establishment of a democratic federal union.
Only through the establishment of a democratic federal union can there be unity, peace and development. All are to play their respective parts, the President said.

After the meeting, the President met with meeting attendees. Later, the President and party left Lashio by Tatmadaw special plane and arrived in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday. Earlier in the week, the President was in southern Shan State.