Vice President U Myint Swe inspects natural resources, environmental management works in Kawthoung

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Chairman of Central Committee for the Administration and Management of Natural Resources in Coastal Areas (National Level) Vice President U Myint Swe who was in Taninthayi Region inspected management and administration of natural resources in coastal areas, natural environment conservation works and the border trade station in Kawthoung District yesterday.

The Vice President and party went to Victoria Cliff Hotel & Resort on Kawthoung District, Bokpyin Township, Zardatkyi Village Tract, Nyaung Oo Phee Island and inspected project works, status of conservation the natural environment and the eco system, conduct of travel business and the status of the coastal areas and Managing Director U Khin Maung Win provided explanations.

Next, the Vice President and party went to Zardatkyi Village and met with ethnic Salon nationals of the village in the village administrator’s office.

At the meeting the Vice President spoke of his delight in meeting with ethnic Salon nationals who has the smallest population. He gave instructions to ethnic Salon nationals to preserve and maintain their tribe, cultures and traditions, put efforts toward learning literature for socio-economic development and presented food for the elderlies.

 After the meeting, the Vice President went to the marine museum of ethnic Salon nationals in the village and observed the traditional Salon house, boat, various shells and corals from the sea on display and remarked on exhibiting history of ethnic Salon nationals, photographs of cultures and traditions and outstanding ethnic Salon nationals.

From there, the Vice President and party went by a marine vessel to Thahtay Island and observed the method of producing natural fertilizer mainly from banana tree, milk, eggs and sugar; status of producing chemical free vegetable using that natural fertilizer; status of breeding salt-water shrimp using modern technology and works conducted to conserve the natural environment and the eco system while Grand Andaman Hotel & Resort owner U Kyaw Lwin provided explanations.

From Thahtay Island the Vice President and party went to the border trade station in Kawthoung where Department of Trade Deputy Director General U Min Min explained about the particulars of the border trade station, export and import status and future works. Deputy Minister U Aung Htoo provided additional explanations.

The Vice President spoke about increasing the trade value and to strive towards achieving a trade surplus. Furthermore, as illegal imports through the border were affecting the existence of small and medium enterprises, the Region’s special task forces which have been formed to prevent illegal trade were required to take effective actions and report back monthly without fail on the progress, said the Vice President.

Afterwards, the Vice President and party visited the Bayintnaung Point.

Earlier in the afternoon of 25 January the Vice President and party went by marine vessel to Wa Ale Island and inspected the Wa Ale Island Resort and Lampi marine national park. Wa Ale Island Resort CEO Mr. Christopher Kingsley explained about environmental and eco system conservation works on Wa Ale Island Resort and Forest Department Director General Dr. Nyi Nyi Kyaw explained about the establishment of the Lampi marine national park, particulars about the park and status of maintaining natural environment and eco-system.

The Vice President commented that the environment and eco-system conservation on Wa Ale Island Resort was a good model. Other Island Resorts were required to take this as a model. Evergreen forests, tidal mangroves, sand bank forests and eco-system were in the one and only Lampi marine national park and thus it must be conserved and protected while efforts towards establishing another similar national park was required to be made. Systematic works must be conducted to prevent discarding of plastic and other wastes and to prevent banned fishing methods using poisons, explosives, electric shock, small mesh net and baby trawl, said the Vice President.

The Vice President and party then observed the beaches, forest, eco-system maintenance works conducted in Lampi marine national park by marine vessels.

From there, the Vice President and party went on by a marine vessel to Kawthoung District, Bokpyin Township, Su Nge Ba Line Village Tract, 115 Island where Co Coon Hotel Co., Ltd. Managing Director U Soe Moe Aye explained about Island 115 Resort project particulars, status of natural environment conservation works, works conducted and future works. The Vice President remarked on taking the works on Wa Ale Island in Lampi marine national park as an example in preserving and maintaining natural environment and bio-diversity and to conduct vocational training courses for the local people.

Yesterday afternoon the Vice President and party returned to Yangon by air from Kawthoung. — MNA

(Translated by Zaw Min)