Information Committee's Statement regarding Extremist Terrorists

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1. On 25th August 2017, Central Committee of Counter Terrorism of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has declared that extremist terrorists and ARSA, which involved in Maungtaw terror attacks, were the terrorist groups.

2. On 26th August 2017, it has learned that some INGO staff had participated while extremist terrorists besieged Taungbazar village and it is continuously investigated to be confirmed. Similarly, on 30th July 2017, the government has already stated that energetic biscuits which World Food Programme (WFP) has distributed had been discovered at the camp where terrorists sheltered in May Yu mountains.

3. It has detected that some Medias has used other terms (eg. Insurgents) rather than “terrorists” that the government has officially announced for extremist terrorists, in their news stories.

4. Now, the United Nations, the US Department of State, Turkey Foreign Ministry, and US Embassy and British Embassy in Myanmar, have issued that they have condemned attacks of extremist Bengali terrorists in Maungtaw.

5. The responsible persons are undertaking to inform international governments through International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), in order to take actions against financial supporters, contact persons and abettors in foreign countries, to terrorist groups such as extremist Bengali terrorists and ARSA.

6. As the Counter-Terrorism is a common interest of global families, international organizations and governments including the United Nations, it is crucial to counter extremist Bengali terrorists and ARSA terrorist group.

7. That is why it has notified not to conduct activities which are as saying support and assist to extremist terrorists and ARSA terrorist group, and supportive writings in media, and pro-extremist attempts in domestic will be taken actions according to the Counter-Terrorism Law and external motions will be informed International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) to take necessary actions.

(Information Committee)