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Extremist terrorists continue carrying out violent attacks

Nay Pyi Taw, August 26

Extremist terrorists continued to carry out violent acts— torching police outposts and monasteries, killing innocent people and planting mines on 26 August and security had to restore regional peace and stability.

At 6 am, security personnel of Kyaukchaung outpost joined Kyunpaukpyusu Chaungwa outpost. When the security personnel were returning from Htanchaung Chaungwa outpost for supplies at 9.20 am, they were attacked by about 50 terrorists near border fences with small firearms. The security personnel had to returne fires before arriving back at Kyunpaukpyusu Chaungwa outpost.

At that time, about 300 villages from Kyuakchaung, Kyunpaukpyusu, Phetleikpyin and Zipinchaungmyauk villages approached the outpost about 500 yards, prompting security personnel to prevent them by opening fires. Security personnel from the Tatmadaw Navy had to disperse the crowds by opening fires before joining Kyunpaukpyusu outpost.

At 9.30 am, security personnel went to Four-Mile for regional peace and stability. When they arrived at Nwayontaung, their vehicles were attacked by terrorists who used home-made mines, prompting them to cleared the mob by opening fires.

At 11.20 am, Kyunpaukpyusu Chaungwa outpost was besieged by about 300 terrorists holding sticks and swords, prompting Ngamantaik naval ship from Maungtaw POE to come and help the besieged outpost.

At 2.30pm, about 20 Daingnet ethnic minorities of Yankarzedi village left for Aungzan ethnic village for joining. When they arrived near the bridge at the entrance to Kyaungdo village, Hsalay village-tract, they were attacked by about 100 terrorists holding sticks and swords. U Maung Sein alone escaped the attacked and there was no information on the fate of remaining villages.

Altogether 17 home-made mines planted by terrorists went off near the junction of Zinpaingnya village in a row in a period from 2.45 pm to 4.42 pm. From 4.40 pm to 4.55 pm, two home-made mines exploded Hlayga village. And the terrorists set Natchaung outpost on fire at 5.20 pm.

Seven terrorists came and attacked about 370 students who took refuge at Taungpyo Letwe B.E.H.S (branch), prompting a military column to resist. Two bodies of terrorist were recovered in the incident.

Meanwhile, four masked terrorists were found at the deserted Wapaik village near No. Border Guard Police Commanding Office, prompting security personnel to drive them out.

At 5.33 pm, terrorists threw hand grenades into Zinpaingnya police outpost and fled. The security personnel had to clear mines planted by terrorists around the police outpost at 5.35 pm.

At 5.45 pm, extremist terrorists torched the houses in Zinpaingnya village and fled.
At 5:55 pm, extremist terrorists from Zinpaingnyar Village attempted to attack police outposts, thus resulted in exchange of fire at 6:5 pm. At 6:17 pm, extremist terrorists attacked Gawduthara police station where the security personnel repulsed the terrorists. A mine planted by extremist terrorists exploded near Phathat police outpost at 7:15 pm.

Extremist terrorists destroyed the deserted Wetkyein police outpost at 7:16 pm. At the same time, security forces exchanged fire with extremist terrorists on the road section between Laungdon and Kyeinchaung Villages. Extremist terrorists set fire to 42 houses, 13 stalls and monastery in Nanthataung Village, Kuntheepin Village-tract, Maungtaw Township at 7:30 pm. Ethnic people in Nanthataung Village are taking shelter at Taungpyo Letwe BEHS.

An improvised explosive device blasted in Kyaukhlaygar Village about 50 yards of Pyinphyu police station at 8:25 pm. Security personnel met about 10 extremist terrorists who burnt down five houses and escaped from the scene while they were making security patrols at 8:33 pm. An improvised explosive device blew up near Gawlidula Village at 8:45 pm.

Security personnel were on standby as extremist terrorists from Gawduthara Village approached near the fence of Pyinphyu regional office at 9:45 pm. Improvised explosive devices are widely used by extremist terrorists in terrorist activities. As the mob holding sticks, swords and home-made guns attempted to block the areas where ethnic minorities reside, security forces were attempting to disperse them by opening fire. Moreover, the extremist terrorists killed fellow Islam who are in charge of administration and staged a series of violent attacks with the use of IEDs.

It is found that those extremist terrorists launched organized attacks on 25 August (Friday) in synchronization with the issue of final report by the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State and UN General Assembly scheduled to be held from 12 to 25 September 2017. As the Anti-Terrorism Central Committee declared ARSA a terrorist organization, those who fund and help the terrorists will be regarded as terrorist supporters.