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Extremist terrorists continue carrying out violent attacks

AUGUST 29, 2017


While on patrol in the area between Kyaungdo village and Aungthabye village, security personnel were attacked by extremist terrorists using home-made guns and improvised explosive devices-IEDs on either side of the road. The incident left one policeman injured.

 One IED planted by extremist terrorists went off at the junction of Zinpaingnya.

 In the late evening while on patrol in the compound of Kyikyun outpost, security personnel saw three extremist terrorists and three women fleeing to the other side with two small wooden boats.

Security personnel in area clearance operations saw a prawn pond close to Kyikyun outpost which was used by about 50 terrorists as a shelter. The perpetrators burnt down the flow of the shelter.

Extremist terrorists starting encircling Zinpaingnya police outpost at 10.20 pm, immediately after which one IED exploded about a mile from the outpost. In two separate incidents, one IED planted by terrorists exploded in Ywathit village and one IED in Kyaukhlega village went off a minute later.

As about 500 extremist terrorists from Tinmay village encircled Kyaungtaung police outpost, security personnel rushed to the area and cleared off the assailants.

In the late evening extremist terrorists torched Zipinchaung outpost and the fire ceased on the morning of 28 August. Soon after the mine going off about 80 attackers approached Zinpaingnya police outpost and they were fought back by security personnel. When they retreated to the hamlet another home-made mine exploded near Aulitular village.

 A fire started engulfing the house of Abdulah in Myoma Kanyintan ward of Maungtaw and it was extinguished by members of fire brigade and local people in 30 minutes.

In the morning, a mine exploded near Phwerubata village 50 years from Thayaykonbaung outpost followed by the explosion of a mine in the village and a mine in Ywathit village about 500 yards from the Pyinpyu regional office.

 By the time when security personnel were on patrol in Kotankauk village an improvised mine went off in the village.

While security personnel were on duty for ensuring peace and stability in Gwason village, Maungtaw Township, they were attacked by terrorists at the entrance to the village with homemade mines, resulting in an exchange of fire.

As the security personnel continue their patrol in the village they were attacked by about 300 extremist terrorists, triggering an exchange of fire.

When retreated to May Yu mountain the perpetrators set fire to the houses in the village. The security personnel found one 22 rifle, ten bullets and two home-made mines while clearing off Gwason village. Security personnel on patrol in Kotankauk village, Maungtaw township were attacked by terrorists using guns and handmade mine, prompting the former to return fires. In the incident, two guns were seized from the assailants. While on duty the security personnel found a remotely battery-ignited mine stuck with TNT in a pit between Gwason and Thawunchaung villages.

At 9.25 am, the terrorists burnt down 30 houses in Ahtetphyma village (Natala) and 30 houses in Wetkyein village and blew out a hand-made mine. At 10 am, the attackers set a house on fire in Myoma Kanyintan ward, Maungtaw and security personnel and local people rushed to the scene to put out the fire. While on patrol in Kotankauk myitna village the security personnel were attacked with swords and machetes by terrorists who met with a resistance by the former. At 10.30 am, the terrorists set a house on fire in Myoma Kanyintan ward, Maungtaw. Four handmade mines went off in a row at the junction of Zinpaingnya at 10.48 am. This was followed by the explosion of six handmade mines consecutively in the same area in ten minutes. At 11.10 am, a handmade mine exploded in Kyaukhkega village.

One terrorist set a house on fire and blew out a mine and fled. While clearing off the area, security personnel found six packets wrapped in black tape. At 11.13 am, another handmade mine went off at the junction of Zinpaingnya village and the attackers burnt down their houses in the villages of Sagarpinyin and Kyetkywin. At 11:20 am, security personnel arrested an extremist Bengali terrorist along with an improvised explosive device while they are engaged in restoring peace and stability in Myitnar Village. About 500 extremist Bengali terrorists attacked Thayetoouk police outpost in Region-5 with small arms where they were fought back by security personnel. At 12:30 pm, a fire has broken out in Karlarbar Village, Ward-5 in Maungtaw.

At 12:45 pm, IEDs exploded, burning down 19 houses belonged to the Bengalis close to Maungtaw District GAD. Extremist Bengali terrorists attacked security personnel and local people who were putting out the fire with small arms and they met with a police repulse. In the afternoon, about 50 extremist Bengali terrorists from Kyetkyain Village left for Wetkyein Phayar mountain range whereas about 100 the perpetrators entered Mingyimyauk Village. Eight improvised explosive devices -- three at Diparywa Ward, Myoma Kanyintan Village-tract in Maungtaw Township and five at the junction of Zinpaingnya-- went off in a row.

 At 1 pm, about 100 terrorists attacked security troops who provide security for Kyaukpandu Village in Region-9 with small arms. The latter repulsed the terrorists and seized one homemade gun and three knives. One more handmade mine blasted near the junction of Zinpaingnya. Pyinphyu police station in Kyaukhlaygar Village was attacked with small arms and three homemade bombs by extremist terrorists. Similarly, the assailants from Ywathit Village fired 7 shots at Pyinphyu police station. At 2 pm, two improvised explosive devices planted exploded in Ywathit Village in Region-6. Extremist Bengali terrorists fired 12 shots at the regional office in Pyinphyu.

 At 3:15 pm, a terrorist attacked Chopyin (Rakhine) Village in Region-11, Yathedaung Township with handmade bomb and fled to Chopyin (Bengali) Village. Security troops exchanged fires with about 80 extremist Bengali terrorists wielding homemade bombs, guns, knives and spears while the former were on patrol in Chopyin (Bengali) Village.

 At 4:40 pm, extremist Bengali terrorists set their houses on fire and ran away to Ahtetnanyar Village. In the incident, one homemade gun, 22 swords, two spears and jinkalis (a kind of weapon) were confiscated.

 At 6 pm, extremist Bengali terrorists carried out a series of arsons in Wimala Ward in Maungtaw and blew out IEDs with the intention of totally destroying the town. Security personnel and firefighters are in the process of preventing such unnecessary acts from happening again.

 An ethnic Mro teenager identified as Maung Than Hlaing, 16 years, was attacked with homemade gun by extremist Bengali terrorists while he was collecting betel nuts in the compound of Jawtikayon monastry in Myoma Ward, Maungtaw. He sustained 10 gunshot wounds in his right thigh and was receiving medical treatment at Maungtaw Hospital.

It was learnt that altogether 45 IEDs exploded and seven villages, one outpost and two wards in Maungtaw were burnt down during the period from 27 to 28 August 2017. Further information will be released.

(Information Committee)