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August 31,2017

Violent attacks

Five ethnic Daingnet people from Yankar Cedi Village have been killed and one other injured by ARSA extremist terrorists during an attack. An ethnic Daingnet named Ma Oo Khin Khin sustained severe head injuries (seriously) and was sent to the hospital on 28 August.

On 30 August, she was transferred to Buthidaung military hospital by helicopter to receive necessary medical treatment.

On the morning of 30 August, about 100 ARSA extremist terrorists wielding sticks and knives attacked security personnel in Region-4 in Maungtaw Township while the latter were on patrol. The security troops fought back against the assailants who fled to nearby hills.

Four attackers identified as Khawbiramouk, 35 years, Arnulsawbi, 13 years, Sweyokdusong, 54 years and Illias, 24 years were arrested along with the swords. A file is opened at respective local police station to take action against the perpetrators in accord with the law.

ARSA extremist terrorists attacked security troops with small arms near Thiho Village in Maungtaw at 3:30 pm on 31 August while the later were sending the injured to Maungtaw Hospital, resulting in an exchange of fires.

ARSA extremist terrorists blew out two handmade mines at the junction of Nwaryontaung at 4 pm on 31 August.

While on patrol near Inndin Village at the foot of Mayu mountain range, security forces were attacked with swords by about 15 ARSA extremist terrorists who met with a resistance by the former. In the incident, one terrorist was found dead.

Violent attackers blew out two improvised explosive devices in Inndin Rakhine Village, triggering two houses on fire.

Suspects questioned

Security forces detained one suspect identified as Ahdul Tarlis, 22 years of Pyinshae Village, Seinnyinpya Village-tract in Buthidaung Township and another suspect who was near Mingalagyi Chaungwa outpost in Maungtaw Township for questioning.

According to the interrogation, the two suspects were involved in terrorist activities and they will be taken action in accordance with the law.

Relief items provided by int'l organizations found

The statement regarding the discovery of relief items provided by international organizations at the hideouts of ARSA extremist terrorists was released. The government will launch an investigation into the relief items discovered at the terrorist hideouts.

(Information Committee)