KIA/TNLA armed group shoots at the town kutkai with artilleries and firearms.

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Armed groups comprising the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) troops bombed and shot at Kutkai with firearms, rocket launchers and artillery on Friday evening, according to the State Counsellor Office’s Information Committee.

At about 9:30pm on Friday, the KIA/TNLA armed group fired one mortar with 40mm rocket launcher and two rounds of 60mm mortars at Kutkai from two separate locations. After security forces returned fire, the armed group retreated, it is learnt.

The 60mm shells fired by the KIA/TNLA group landed and exploded near Lweon village. The 40mm bomb landed near the grove close to Myoma State High School. There were no reported casualties or damage to property, according to the Information Committee. In pursuit of the group of attackers in No. 1 ward of Kutkai, two armed men on a motorcycle fired at least four rounds in drive-by shootings and slipped away to the Pyihtaungsu Highway, it is learnt.