Four suspects in Maungtaw attacks detained

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Four people suspected of involvement in the recent violent attacks in Maungtaw were detained by security forces on Saturday and Sunday, and a body was found between Wapeik Village and Kathkelpyin Village in Maungtaw Township, according to the Information Committee of the State Counsellor’s Office.

The four suspects including Swetarmauk, 58, Sweyork Husaung, 65, and Sarli Armud, 51, from Warpeik Village were detained on Saturday near their village. Husein Ahmad, 32, of Shwezar Ale Village was detained in Maungtaw Myoma Market.

Action has been taken against them in accordance with the law.

Government troops and the police, while conducting area clearance operations, found a body of a man wearing a reddish-brown T-shirt and a black longyi. An autopsy has been being carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations at Maungtaw Hospital, as the security forces did not find any injuries on the body and assumed that he had died of pneumonia.